Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Album Review: Too Many Zooz- Fanimals EP

Too Many Zooz
Fanimals EP
*** out of *****
The trio known as Too Many Zooz consists of Matt Doe Leo P and King Sludge and the group specialize in a house brass sound that bumps beats and blows its way into your brain. Horns and percussion swirl repetitively and engagingly as the groups builds to funky freakouts and dance breaks.

The opening "Mouse Trap" opens things as the group gets loose with beats and riffs that would be excellent backing an MC while "Limbo" builds and builds into an ominous peak. The dance driven and cleverly named "Turtledactyl" bounces and thumps with late night get down appeal. The baritone sax, trumpet, and drum make for some delicious combo's as the group interact well.  

"Wet" starts minimalist buts takes on an eastern flair and huge deep bass rumblings about a minute into things; a juicy cut the adds a lower sonic level to the groove ending too soon. Closing out the disk is the 2 parts of "House of the Glass Red", the most experimental tracks on the disk, but still designed to make you shake and dance.

In the vein of an instrumental Morphine (if that band was in a late night club) the group pushes deep sax grooves, percussive beats and trumpet runs to the forefront and let everything else slip away.
Another great bandcamp find.

Support the band here, buy/stream the album here and peep some video below:   

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