Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Live Review: Jack White Chicago Theater Chicago, IL 7/23/14

Jack White 
Chicago Theater 
Chicago, IL 
Wow.  If there hadn't been another life altering performance earlier this year, this would clearly be the show of the year. It might still be when all is said in done with 2014 as Jack White and crew put on an amazing performance that ran almost 3 full hours of music. I have waited so long to review it because I have nothing negative to say about it.

The beautiful thing is you can listen to the whole thing yourself and get a small sense of what it was like to be in the gorgeous Chicago Theater on this hot summer night as Jack gave musical shout outs to blues legends, country folk, guitar gods, hip-hop heroes and fans in the first row. 

His new album is top notch, his back catalog is deep and his love of all sorts of music make him a must see in the live arena. Shows can go in any direction and on this night everything clicked from the opening notes of "Highball Stepper" as Jack referencing his recent ballgame experience came out wearing a 'Kick Me' sign and his Cubs jersey. 

Clearly playful, White changed into a black t-shirt and then plunged into things not letting up until he brought a fan on stage to play "Seven Nation Army" to close the night out. There were so many high points it wouldn't do justice to single out a few but "I Cut Like A Buffalo" will go down as our favorite on the night as White dropped in lines from two A Tribe Called Quest jams a Muddy Waters track and still got angular/groovy/funky on his own for about 10 minutes.  

Amazing, superb, unreal, and the next night was fantastic too, but it was impossible to top this one. The crowd was electric as was his crack backing band including whirl wind drummer Daru Jones and fiddle player Lillie Mae Rische. 

Here are some video but do yourself a favor and get the full show as it is worth it.  Even more importantly see him live when he plays.

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