Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Album Review: Kaada/Patton- Bacteria Cult

Bacteria Cult
***and1/2 out of *****

Two artists with a flair for the different and dramatic team up for a second time, releasing their first studio album since 2004's Romances as Norwegian composer John Kaada pairs with American vocalist Mike Patton. Bacteria Cult is an instrumental menagerie of sound that floats around the shadows, seeps through the cracks and rises to the heavens.

While Patton might bring in a more "rock" audience, this affair is Kaada's primarily as his orchestration and composing seems to be the foundation/first floor/second floor with Patton adding vocal backing as furniture to a house. A track like "Dispossession" pairs Kaada's deep swells with Patton's powerful vocals, but rather then standing separate, they intertwine into one common sound and this happens often throughout the album. 

"Black Albino" provides very dramatic swells and it is clear both of these artists are happy to work with the grandiose. "Peste Bubonica" goes for the breathless and eerie while "Papillon" is more whimsical if also to repetitive.  

The album improves towards the end where the weirdness factor gets cranked. "A Burnt Out Case" finds Patton standing out with a few vocal shouts, surrounded by more diverse sounds while "Imodium" takes found sound and makes it elegant.

The dramatic closer "Fountain Gasoline" is a journey with lots of nooks and crannies fittingly ending the disk. While there isn't a particularly standout track, or song that will worm its way into your ear, the overall feel of the disk is comfortable yet exploring and a success for this pair of ever evolving artists. 
Buy the album, support both artists and stream it/peep some video below:

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