Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Graveyard Lovers Song, Playing Pianos Tomorrow Night

A few years ago we stumbled upon a band that we immediately enjoyed, Graveyard Lovers from Brooklyn, NY. We were impressed with their disk Dreamers so much we reviewed it for Glide and ranked it high in our year end review.
We still listen to that disk all the time and are pumped we now have more GL to slap on as the band is releasing it's follow up titled Past The Forrest of Fruitless Thoughts. They have released a few songs from the new album, here is one of them "Storm":

The band is also wrapping up it's Piano's Residency Tomorrow Night, they are a blast to catch live, so come on out and see them. Below is a bit of live video of the band from their past.
Personally we have met Tricia and Zach, seen them live a few times and enjoy their style. We can't wait to hear the full disk, you should support the band.

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