Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Riot Fest Reunites Original Misfits & The Hold Steady

For the last few years Riot Fest in Denver and Chicago has delivered some excellent reunion shows and this year is no exception. We will get to the headliner in a bit, but what caught our eye immediately was that an RtBE Personal Favorite The Hold Steady will be returning to the stage and reuniting with Franz Nicolay to celebrate their best album Boys & Girls In America.

This marks the first time The Hold Steady are playing since their Bowery Show that we were less then thrilled with so we are hoping they are energized and will take this reunion show on the road. We first saw the band on the original B&GIA Tour and were blown away they instantly jumped up our list of favorite bands.  

Speaking of bands that have jumped up our list of favorites, the original Misfits lineup who will be headlining Riot Fest in both cities is one of those bands lately for RtBE. Last fall we downloaded the first three albums of the band on recommendation of a music lover and in looking at some recent stats Static Age has been our most played album since then.

When we were younger we never liked the Misfits, thought they were silly. They are still silly, but we have grown to love their musicality and Danzig's voice; their early stuff easily rises to the heights of punk rock.

So support both of these reuniting acts, as well as the rest of the lineup and grab your tickets to both shows today.

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