Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Album Review: Seratones- Get Gone

Get Gone
**** out of *****

The Shreveport based four piece Seratones just released their first album for Fat Possum Records and it is a pure doozy of rock and roll goodness. While the band is fairly new to the game, their sound is well crafted, exciting and full of nuances that help with repeated visits to this hip shaking garage rock.

From the opening raw six string of "Choking On Your Spit" the band makes its presence known. The group mixes punk, garage rock with touches of soul and R&B into an excellent overall package. Consisting of AJ Haynes - Vocals, Connor Davis - Guitar, Adam Davis - Bass, and Jesse Gabriel - Drums the band seems to be comfortable mashing genres into a powerful roux of rock and roll energy.
The swagger and rhythm of the band is everywhere as "Chandelier" manages to oscillate between powerful and sweet with ease and "Trees" jangles with retro rock intensity containing a soaring guitar solo that would cook if extended live. The motoring "Sun" puts four on the floor and drives straight-ahead while the groove gets established for the rising and falling of the title track.

"Kingdom Come" splashes in a touch of Santana into the mix (think Jingo on meth) and "Don't Need It" builds to a raucous finish. "Tide" plays up the soul vibe with front-woman Haynes taking over on vocals and spirit of the song. While it is easy to focus on Haynes contributions the staying power and success of the disk stems from the full band gelling and delivery of their own southern fried rock and roll.

There are a few standard tracks, like "Headtrip" and "Take It Easy" that don't add much except to the overall run time, but the majority of Get Gone shows off the Seratones nailing their intoxicating sound collage to the wall then partying proudly around it all night long.
Support the band, buy the album and peep some video below:

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