Thursday, August 18, 2016

Original Misfit Jerry Only Ready For Riot Fest

We already wrote about the upcoming Riot Fest with some intriguing reunions but more is coming out directly from the Misfits bassists mouth regarding their reunion. Jerry Only the bands original bassist chatted with Blabbermouth and some cool facts came out.
Some exciting revelations came out of this chat. Only hopes to keep this going, running through about 25 classic songs for both of these reunions shows with the hope the band doesn't implode onstage. 50/50 odds on that....

The fact that they hope to still play (Halloween shows in NYC anyone?!) is exciting, so is the rumor that Dave Lombardo of all people will be behind the kit for these shows. Lombardo earned the respect of all metal fans by pounding the skins of Slayer and it will be a total treat to hear him supporting Only, Danzig and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.
Here's hoping things go well and until those shows, how about some Misfits for Thursday night?

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