Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stream Teenage Fanclub's New Album, Here

NPR First Listen has done another service with the pre-release stream of Teenage Fanclub's newest album, Here.
We will have a full review up next week, but why take our word for it? Go and listen to it for yourself. It will not be there forever so give it a shot while you can. Here is a quick story how we got introduced to the band.

Back in the early 90's we loved metal and hip hop but rarely did anyone do it well together (Public Enemy and Anthrax are the only ones who come to mind) then came both Rage Against The Machine and the Judgement Night Soundtrack. We have talked about Rage before, but not Judgement Night. For us it was a Holy Shit! moment, we knew all of the bands except for a few (Fatal and Therapy? and the Booyah Tribe hadn't entered our realm) and owned at least one tape or CD from 16 of the 22 featured artists. These were some of our favorites and while not all the songs were zingers (we are still disappointed by the lackluster Sonic Youth Cypress Hill pairing) the combos hit the mark more than they missed.

Our favorite song from the whole bunch to this day remains Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul's fantastic "Fallin'" which took from Tom Petty and made a new product that was laid back cool. On an album of hard aggression this track stood out and still roll's to a hip aloof vibe. They were clearly enjoying themselves and it shows.

OK now it is 2016 and great to see Teenage Fanclub still putting out good albums.

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