Thursday, September 8, 2016

Explore Jack White's Songwriting Career Via Timeline

We here at RtBE believe in almost all Jack White does so it is with great anticipation we will be checking out The Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 on vinyl tomorrow (or whenever the postman delivers it from Nashville).
However, today you can explore the man's career via a timeline from his website. This timeline is pretty hip and gives you some background into his songwriting history, some videos and cool links. We have heard White tell the "Hotel Yorba" story before and it is a fun one.

We are currently in the process of listening to the whole album digitally for an upcoming review on Glide, but are even more excited for the record and packaging itself. White's Thirdman Records has almost single-handedly made buying records a cool thing again, it also helps that the company has the pretty good taste in music as they just recently re-released some of our favorite artists.

Peep a video preview of "Carolina Drama" from the upcoming release below and make sure you pick up your copy.

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