Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Album Review: PILL - Convenience

*** out of *****

On PILL's first full length they amp the chaotic feelings and craft some dynamic post punk for a new generation coming to age in a odd millennium. The Brooklyn based four-piece (Veronica Torres, Benjamin Jaffe, Andrew Spaulding, Jonathan Campolo) came to some national attention with their first EP that showcased some fantastic horns and a bubbling angst, both still present on Convenience but the band seems to be playing with more urgency.

"Which Is True?" scrambles around, frantically looking for meaning but "My Rights" is more laser focused with the lyrics "Is this situation based on power?/My body, my queerness, my decision to bring life./My body my fight - Congressman wants to steal all of my rights." That finding off a voice and direction helps the band as their music touches on different genres and flights of fancy.

The bass and drums excitingly drive the way for "Fetish Queen" as Torres deals with sexual restrictions, misinformation and desires. "Dead Boys" tosses around gender roles and experimental offerings, but sticks around a bit to long while "100% Cute" does the same thing but with more aggression. Closer "Medicine" proclaims the war is over, but for PILL it seems to be just beginning.

There are art tracks that work more as sonic landscapes ("J-E-N-O-V-A", "Sex With Santa") leaning towards some "no-wave" but the band is most engaging when they get their drum/bass/sax combo cooking behind their fierce front woman.Veronica Torres may not be for everyone, but her Kim Gordon spoken word style can be engaging especially when she elevates her lyrics above mere poetry. Pill are still finding their way, but aren't we all in this Brave New World littered with Convenience?
Support the band, buy the album, stream at bandcamp (and below) and peep some video.

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