Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Album Review: Heavy Tiger - Glitter

Heavy Tiger
***and 1/2 out of *****

The Swedish power trio Heavy Tiger have put out their second record, Glitter and it is a blast of throwback 80's glam rock that starts pumping from the first notes.

It is almost as if Maja Linn Samuelsson (Vocals, Guitar), Sara Frendin (Bass, Vocals), Astrid Carsbring (Drums, Vocals) never knew the last 30 years have transpired when it comes to music or the cultural climate as their sound is rooted deeply in the gluttonous over-the-top excess decade of the 80's, The opening track and first single "I Go For The Cheap Ones" is an album high point right from the jump with its kick ass sultry swagger.

From there the album stays hot with a collection of tracks that are made almost strictly for their sing along choruses. Each tune builds to a catchy phrase that gets repeated over the arena ready drums guitars and bass. "Shake" has links to The Donnas by way of The Darkness while "No Tears In Tokyo" almost goes a ballad route but still manages to shoehorn a mega chorus into the mix. 

"The Only Way Is Up" piles on the cliches while "Downer and a Sunny Day" puts extra snarl into the vocal delivery. The tracks get a bit wobbly with "Keeper of the Flame" which tries to amp up the style and move things around while "Starshaped Badge and Gun Shy" seems like the most upbeat anti-cop song ever recorded. 

The album ends upbeat though with the punk-ish "Jemma" and the big drums of "Devil May Care" keeping things vibrant and alive until the final notes. If you are in the mod for straight up rock and roll that recalls crazy nights on the Sunset Strip from decades long gone, check out Glitter with your big hair, spandex and Gibson Flying V.
Thanks to Mike for turning us on to this one, it is a fun album. Support the group, buy the album and peep some video below:

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