Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Album Review: Benjamin Booker- Witness

Hey all, got a new review up @glidemag which you can read Right C'here!!!
It is of Benjamin Booker's newest album Witness. This is clearly a transitional album, Booker is moving from raw blues to wider musical palette. I have more coming to Glide on Booker very soon, so let's shift gears. 

I end the review with talking about 2nd albums from artists that were successful with their first and it got me thinking about who (mostly) stayed the course from their first release and who experimented/grew/veered off course (whether successfully or not).

I will do another post on that one in the future, but if you got any ideas feel free to leave them in the comments. Until that post arrives, support the artist, read the review, buy the album and peep some video below. 

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