Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Album Review: Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen

Bash & Pop
Anything Could Happen
***and1/2 out of ****
While Bash & Pop put out an album in 1993 (Friday Night Is Killing Me) and no one from that release is present this go around in 2017, no one except main B&P'er Tommy Stinson. Famous for playing in The Replacements Stinson put together Bash & Pop after that band's break up and resurrects it now after a short reunion of his main claim to fame.

Stinson mentioned in interviews that he wanted this record to sound like a live band having fun on record and that is a clearly a success, evident right from the power pop opening of "Not This Time". The whiskey and women get to shaking as "On The Rocks" swaggering like some of the best late seventies rock and roll while the title track has fluid lead guitar and a melodic structure that worms its way into your ears.

His cohorts this go around is an impressive list of players (Steve Selvidge on guitar and vocals, Justin Perkins on guitar and vocals, Tony Kieraldo on keyboards and vocals, and Joe Sirois on drums) and the sense of comradery is palpable especially when they are in full out rocking mode. When the tempo slows down things aren't as fantastic, while "Breathing Room" "Can't Be Bothered" and "Anybody Else" are average mid-tempo/ballads but it is when the players lock in and cook (like on the rambling "Unfuck You") that the album comes alive.

Other players like Luther Dickinson and Frank Ferrar join in and the style of live rocking fits perfectly on "Bad News" with some smooth slide guitar while the power pop makes a come back for "Never Wanted To Know".  The roadhouse country twang of "Anytime Soon" has a world weary sound and the rollicking "Jesus Loves You".

Who knows if/when the band gets back together for another record, and who would even be playing on it, but as it stands, Anything Could Happen shows that Stinson still has things to say and energetic rocking ways to say them.
Support the band, buy the album and stream it on bandcamp, peep some video below:

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