Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Album Review: Jackie Venson - Transcends

Jackie Venson
Transcends EP
*** out of *****

The Austin based singer/songwriter/guitarist Jackie Venson has recently released her newest EP Transcends. It is engaging mix of pop/rock/soul all around her excellent guitar work and easy rolling vocals.

Opening with the grooving "Flying" the EP starts strong via the Prince inspired number that showcases all of the artists numerable talents. "Mysterious" is Venson's most pop influenced numbers, using loops and digital beats, focusing directly on her breathy vocals while "Fast" struts with rocky confidence and a funky bass line but suffers from cliched lyrics about materialism. 

Venson's funky strutting keeps moving with the positive "Fight" which quotes Bob Marley and leans on dance beats behind melodic strums and some gorgeous ringing guitar notes. Things then come to a close (much to quickly) with the rocking title track which contains Jackie's fiercest guitar work on the disk and proves she is a player to watch as it closes Transcends on a high note.

While Venson has released a few EP's her 2017 is proving to be her biggest year yet with Transcends and a tour with fellow Austin rocker Gary Clark Jr. The talent is clearly there and hopefully she reaches even higher heights in the 2018 (and releases a full length).
A fun release from a talented individual. Support the artist, buy the album, peep some video below:

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  1. I think that this was a better and amazing album than all the previous ones. I would say that I was expecting this to be the brilliance and amazingness combined .