Thursday, December 14, 2017

Year In Review 2017- Favorite Live Show

The live show is a slippery thing. There are lots of variables at play, most having little to do with the performance itself. Does the venue have enough bathrooms? Is it going to rain? What day of the week is it on? Did I have a shitty day at work before hand? Did tickets cost waaay too much? All of this effects one's opinion of a live show before the band even tunes up and with reason, but when the stars align, there is no place RtBE would rather be than in the moment of magic occurring spontaneously from the stage.
Live Music Has No Equal!
Taken By The Fantastic Megan Donohue
While we can't see every show that is out there, we try our hardest to see as many as we can here at RtBE. Sure there are a few left in the calendar year, but for now, here is a listing of of the best concerts we were fortunate enough to have seen in 2017. There are links to show reviews in the titles, also because who doesn't love arbitrary rankings, one show at the bottom took the top prize as RtBE's 2017 Favorite Live Show. To continue our Best of 2017 just click that "Read More" button and get started

HONORABLE MENTIONS (In chronological order):

The Soul Rebels Brass Band 3/4/17 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY

There are no youtube clips from this show, but that song right there is what the NOLA crew opened with for the last night of their Brooklyn Bowl run. The show was an out and out party, with dancing everywhere. The band has played NYC so much recently that the crowd was ecstatic to see them. A hell of a night of tunes.

Thurston Moore Band 5/20/17 Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Certainly the loudest show we saw this year. The Music Hall of Williamsburg was not sold out for this one and perhaps it was the lack of bodies or just the HUGE speakers, but the venue was blown away by the four musicians on stage.

Phish Night 8 of Bakers Dozen 7/30/17 Madison Square Garden, NY, NY

This was the show that reminded us why we had devoted thousands of hours to this band in the past. A great night with great friends seeing a great band in a great venue...yup, pretty special. The Bakers Dozen experiment was a winning one for Phish as both fans and the band themselves seemed inspired. We are hoping their NYE run is just as energetic.

Bob Dylan 11/20/17 Beacon Theater, NY, NY
A night where everything came together including the artist on stage. This was the best Dylan show we have seen in years. Now having seen him over 20 times, it can be hit or miss. This show was a bulls-eye.

The Hold Steady 12/1/17 Brooklyn Bowl, NYC

Another great year in what is becoming a reoccurring must see, The Hold Steady residency at Brooklyn Bowl. Such a great time, with great friends and a killer band. So much fun.

Our favorite show of the year was...

Classic Quadrophenia 9/9/17 Metropolitan Opera House, NY, NY

Some nights are more about the experience than the music itself. Just like our top pick last year.

While Quadrophenia is RtBE's favorite album, the performance in this format was more Broadway than Mod/Punk soul searching. However, seeing it from perfect seats, in the gorgeous world famous opera house (that was just up the block) with the best person in the world makes it top our list for 2017, just edging out the Dylan show from the Beacon.

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