Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Single from Saxophonist Gianluca Gibbons

It is once again Jazzy January here @RockBodyElec where the site will focus on Jazz based songs, shows, albums and covers. We now present a new single and video from Saxophonist Gianluca Gibbons.

The track is titled "Shades of Me" and it has sultry lead lines from Gibbons, spoken word poetic lyrics and eerie atmospherics that match the video and especially dancer/choreographer Keva Walker excellently. We have loved showcasing newer/possibly lesser recognized jazz players since we started this monthly focus (back in 2014) and are happy to promote Gibbons work.

The LA based artist has performed and studied around the world even opening shows for some greats. Here's hoping his career continues to rise. Enjoy the video and the streaming track below:

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