Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Check Out the Historically Great Dust-to-Digital on Bandcamp

So we close Jazz January with a piece not specifically about jazz (though there is some in it) but instead highlighting an article from the site where we found a the majority of the months releases, Bandcamp. A few weeks back that site (which we love) profiled a really cool record label that RtBE had never heard of called Dust-to-Digital.
It is a label that started it's existence with a 160 tracked gospel behemoth called Goodbye, Babylon which was nominated for Best Historical Album by The Recording Academy.
The label since then has literally been all over the world, highlighting albums, genres, and artists who may otherwise have never been heard in 2018 and beyond. There are tons to highlight from the label but here are three that instantly jumped out at us after spending some time on their page:

Of course the rock and roll from Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll is a joy to these retro loving ears and Baksey Cham Krong nails it:

Greek instrumentals can be incredibly cinematic here with G. Gretis & S. Stamos getting after it on fiddle and piano for Greek Rhapsody Instrumental Music from Greece 1905-1956:

and the gospel styling of Rev. Johnny L Jones is powerful no matter your denomination on The Hurricane That Hit Atlanta:     

This is truly a great read with lots of songs mixed in to help guide you along. Many props to the author Andy Thomas, Dust-to-Digital and Bandcamp themselves for preserving these amazing pieces of history. Enjoy some more selections we found below by just scratching the surface and as always thanks for reading. 

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