Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Album Review: Wreckless Eric - Construction Time & Demolition

Wreckless Eric
Construction Time & Demolition
*** and 1/2 out of *****

Wreckless Eric is pop rock lifer, constantly searching for the next chorus, phrasing and instrumentation to ring true. His most recent release is Construction Time & Demolition which pushes rock and roll boundaries adding horns, feedback and chaos to his knack for a good track.

Not looking back, Wreckless keeps pushing forward. The opening track "Gateway To Europe" feels alive and chaotic in a wet overcast English way as gorgeous horns punctuate the chorus that deals with just getting some wheels to get to the next gig before devolving into a feedback noise rock conclusion; a dynamic track to kick start the record.

Following up "The World Around Me" acts as a breather before the organ comes on to lead the shaking "Flash" which pushes his vocals towards the background but moves with musical vibrancy. The building strumming of "Forget Who You Are" is instantly engaging as Eric and the players build throughout the six and a half minute effort as strings and bass roll in an shimmer out as the track eases to the following number, the retro looking "40 Years".

The production gets ramped up for the swirling tension displayed on "The Two Of Us" and by self producing Eric has captured the chaos and commotion that he currently feels. "Unnatural Act" uses a bright piano with more ooh and ah filled backing vocals as the low end grooves along.

Musical interludes of "Mexican Fenders #1 & #2 are fine breaks but Wreckless and crew are best when they are shamboliclly riding the rock and roll rails like on the blaring "They Don't Mean No Harm" which discusses our current "dark ages of man" with a distortion filled plea to c'mon around layers of backing vocals, fuzz guitars, hand claps and horns before devolving into "Wow & Flutter" which drips with contempt for the ignorant fans around crashing cymbals and percussion. 

These songs are twisted and turn over with grim and grit, they are never straight forward and the production helps them remain unique. Wreckless has describe the sounds here as "a panic attack" and that claustrophobic feel can overwhelm but is also very exciting as in anything can happen at any moment. Wreckless Eric continues to earn his name and provide us with stylish and surprising, never easily digestible, pop rock on Construction Time & Demolition.
Support the artist, buy the album or stream it on bandcamp or below. Catch him live this weekend at the WFMU Record Fair and peep some video:

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