Monday, April 23, 2018

Dylan Cover #322 Bonnie Raitt "Million Miles"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's artists, Bonnie Raitt performing a cover of "Million Miles" 

This month we have a special focus on Artists who will be playing the 2018 Jazzfest in New Orleans. Today we highlight the redheaded blueswoman, Bonnie Raitt who plays on the Main Stage this Saturday, April 28th.   

Thoughts on Dylan's Original:
From the barren blues of Time Out Of Mind comes "Million Miles". While not a standout on that album, the song was prophetic, hinting at the fantastic twelve bar blues variations that would dominate his next two releases. When first heard though it doesn't jump out, just feels like yet ANOTHER solid track from the bard.


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
We have always thought Bonnie Raitt was cool, from the first time we saw her with that red hair and white stripe she just seemed hip. On her music front we never delved deeply into her easy blues style, but have dug everything we have heard from the long running artist.

Thoughts on Cover:
A really nice blues cover with lots of jazzy infusion, playing with textures and instrumentation in a fun unique way. Upon first learning of this cover RtBE expected more of a straight blues take, this is more nuanced, and frankly better than we had hoped. Hopefully Bonnie and company give this one a whirl when she takes the stage in just 6 fricken days!!!  Jazzfest is almost here! So exciting...

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