Thursday, April 5, 2018

Brand New Tune from River Whyless LP Due 6/8/18

In 2016 one of the surprise finds for RtBE was the Asheville based River Whyless. We loved their second full length We All The Light and even ranked it in our year end review just outside our top ten picks for the year.
Now the group has their follow up full length coming out June 9th titled Kindness, A Rebel. The first single from the record arrived at RtBE's inbox and it is titled "Born In The Right Country". From it's title you can pretty much sum up the fact that it is about our current political state. You can grab it here through the medium of your choice or hear it now:

It is an intriguing, fairly straight ahead song from this band that speaks to the issues facing the world today. We are excited to hear the full length. Here are a few tunes from the band to hold us over until then.   

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