Thursday, August 16, 2018

Album Review: Beach Rats - Wasted Time EP

Beach Rats
Wasted Time EP
*** out of *****

When members of Minor Threat/Bad Religion, Lifetime and The Bouncing Souls come together to put out an EP of quick punchy punk rock it is most certainly worth a listen. The first release from Beach Rats comprised of Brian Baker, Ari Katz, Danny Windas, Pete Steinkopf and Brian Kielen, is a doozy titled Wasted Time.

The brief release manages to hit upon pop-punk, anthems, noise flourishes, heavy stomping and bouncing bass grooves all over it's brief run time. None of the efforts reach the two minute mark, but the vitality is evident. Opener "Lonely For the Night" screeches the fret boards while slamming ahead with mosh pit intensity before a grooving mid song change of pace.

The distorted bass and positively blazing guitars scream throughout "Stay All Night" as the constructed drum slams keep pace while "Sports Stink" and "Skins Brains and Dubs" cook slamming forward. Title track and disk closer "Wasted Time" uses solos and a slapping drum opening to set the tone around patented punk/whining style singing. 

The only detriment to the EP is the singing of Katz which seems intentionally low in the mix, keeping lyrics hidden for the most part. Outside of the style of vocal recording Beach Rats have the foundation of a successful outfit but as with all of these pairings enjoy what you have and always hope for more as Wasted Time on Bridge 9 Records scratches that summer punk itch.
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