Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Roses Grove Band Go-To Grateful Dead Shows

For The Masters this month we are focusing on the Grateful Dead and we were lucky enough to catch RtBE's favorite Dead cover band Roses Grove Band earlier this month.

The band took some time out to chat with RtBE about their personal "go-to" Grateful Dead shows and some of their experiences with the band. Roses Grove have a bunch of shows lined up this summer so check them out.

If you have the chance to catch the band, please do, even people unfamiliar with the Dead will enjoy the band as they put on a hell of a show. Now though here are some of their thoughts regarding the band they love so much they cover them live with great pride. 

Ben Chaleef, Bass & Vocals:

Well, for me, the go to show during my developmental years was Cornell, but since those were the days of cassettes, things had been shuffled a bit and I didn’t learn until much later that the "Scarlet>Fire" was not the opener! But you covered that one already so I’ll move on…

Some of my other go to shows were also cassette favorites passed along by my buddy, Noah, including Winterland 77 and some great tapes from Catalina including some of the classic ’69/’70 second set segues of "St. Stephen>The Eleven", and "NFA>Lovelight". "Darkstar" was another listening party highlight, with many hours spent trying to absorb the full quadraphonic sound in a vehicle parked at some beach – our best stereos without volume limits in those days. 

As far a full go-to show, Buffalo ’77 still tops the list for me. It’s got some of the same great soundboard quality that was much scarcer in those years, top-notch musicianship throughout, soaring, flawless solos, voices at their best, and a great setlist (only Sunrise had to be skipped) the epic "Help/Slip!>Frank" opener and many other all-time favorite versions for me including "Brown Eyed Women", "Ship of Fools", "Peggy-O" and the great slower tempo "Bertha".

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