Thursday, September 26, 2019

Album Review: CARVi - Fuel The Crazy

Fuel The Crazy
**and1/2 out of *****

The debut EP from the Brazilian born New York City based songwriter CARVi is a mix of confessional offerings that swing from minimalist piano based ballads to skittering electro-pop with hip hop flourishes.

CARVi (Maria Helena de Carvalho) uses her breathy, earthy vocals to wrap the listener in her world as the backing production has a low key neon glow with beats and pianos wafting in and out. Fuel The Crazy opens with her single "Vibe" and it is the most upbeat, polished number with layers of sound, squawking and grooving with equal ease around a rising, tense beat. Never in a hurry, her artistic heart comes out through her lyrics, unique vocals and modern sound. 

What follows is much more mellow as the vocals take center stage and they are the true highlight of Fuel The Crazy; where other pop singers try to soar for vocal dynamics, her restrained approach is a welcomed change. The production also places de Carvalho directly in the listeners ear for a powerful intimacy such as on slow downbeat of "Rollercoaster" or the piano lead sparseness of "Away".

Closer "Ghosted" goes for the minimalist electro-pop route while "Rope" tries to mix the downer brokenhearted feel with a light and airy dance floor beat, and while this juxtaposition ends up disjointed her willingness to explore and combine genres is admirable. For a first effort Fuel The Crazy and CARVi are successful, worth checking out and keeping tabs on. 
Support the artist, buy the album and peep some tunes below:


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