Thursday, September 12, 2019

RIP Daniel Johnston

One of the most individual artists of recent years Daniel Johnston passed away yesterday, he was 58.

Daniel put a unique spin on pop music, the first time RtBE became aware of him was when Kurt Cobain wore his shirt, but never heard his music until the Kids soundtrack. Even then though he didn't really resonant with us.

Then a cover by Built To Spill of "Some Things Last A Long Time" from The Normal Years really struck a chord and made us dig deeper. The album The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered is the record of his we go back to the most to hear his songs and other artists takes, but to RtBE the most affecting thing is not even Johnston's music it was the amazing documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston.   

That documentary was a powerful look at a person diagnosed as manic depressive, bipolar and schizophrenic and how he manages his way through the world with a tough life and a burning desire to make/play music and connect with the people/the world around him. His art and music are unique, safe to say their won't be another like him. RIP. 

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