Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Album Review: Ali Awan - Moon Mode

Ali Awan
Moon Mode
***and1/2 out of *****

The newest release from the Philadelphia, PA based Ali Awan falls between an EP and full length at six songs and while describing the length can be tricky, describing the musical goodness presented on Moon Mode is not. Awan delivers the slick rock goods with cool grooves, expressive experimentation and loads of indie pop flair. 

Opening with the title track Awan's relaxed vocals become breathy around a hip beat and laid back yet  pulsing low end supported in fairly straight ahead fashion before tape loops and a large expansive outro push the song into cosmic orbit. The hits keep coming as the percussion and bass driven "Dogs of Fire" has a light Beck flair while the hypnotic flowing "Sticky Sneakers" brings a Beatlesque feeling from the background to the swirling forefront. 

The best of the bunch just may be "Climb" which pushes indie pop to catchy heights with a great guitar riff and beat that could be used in multiple commercials with ease while getting stuck in your head for days. Less successful is the warbling "Run With You" which never breaks out into the jam hinted at dragging over the five minute run time. 

The brief record (or long EP) wraps up on a poppy stroll with "Cherry Pits", skipping and shuffling along with breezy ease to close. Ali Awan's knack for catchy sounds, relaxed delivery and odd flourishes make Moon Mode seem elegant and simple, a fun trick indeed. 
A fun, random bandcamp find. 
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