Thursday, September 30, 2021

Voodoo Rhythm Records Label Compilation - Volume 5 Out 10/1

The most recent Voodoo Rhythm Records compilation is out this Friday (10/1) and it is the fifth from the label. 

Artists like The Monsters, Sloks and Nestter Donuts are all on the comp. The artists all rage around the punk genre with noise rock, garage rock and country punk. From the record label themselves:

Voodoo Rhythm Records was founded in Bern Switzerland 1992 as a need to give a platform for uncontrolled non mainstream rock'n'roll in any un-conform way, and it Stands for Expanding you're inner space set free your inner Demons to confront your Outer Devils with Rock'n'Roll and this is what those 15 Bands on this Compilation do, the Monsters from Switzerland with a song from their up coming Album 'you're class I'm trash' or Degurutieni from Japan with his Hi Exotic Hymn 'Acme in the afternoon' and our Brand New Horse in the Stall Nestter Donuts from Spain with his Incredible Flamenco Trash One Man Band!!!! and many many more the Label is not here just to release Another
album, we work on all the releases 100% and more from artwork to the recordings etc as well with this one the picture Disc artwork is made by the Romanian Artist Andy ‚sinboy’ Luke (Bad Decisions) he is responsible for other great artworks as well and the Mastering is by Lo Spider from the Swamp Land Studio in Toulouse France.
Here is a tune by the Sloks:

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