Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Album Review: Joe Marcinek Band - Solo Guitar

Joe Marcinek Band 
Solo Guitar
*** out of *****

Titling an album can be a tricky thing, do you name it after the hopeful hit single, a lyric from the most affecting track, or something punny? In the case of Joe Marcinek newest release the title was obvious, Solo Guitar, because that is exactly what you get from the Chicago based guitarist this go around. 

Nothing earth shattering on this collection of instrumental jazz focused numbers, just direct playing with grace as Marcinek recorded the tunes at his home with just his guitar, microphone and amp. Opener "Walking In Circles" sets the tone with lazy afternoon, jazzy guitar strums and that feeling seeps into all of the following efforts. 

"Beyond Words" shows off a bit of dexterous picking while the contemplative lines of the "The Middle Way" delivers a sense of melancholy to the listener. "Reclaimed" is an album highlight with haunting guitar phrases while the bluesy "Looking for You" would come alive more with a full band. The bright "Lost in A Moment" has a Trey Anastasio ballad like feel while a gorgeous take of "Wonderful World" wraps up the light rolling record on a very positive note. 

The album feels as if it was a Covid lockdown one off, constructed in confined circumstances as Marcinek usually plays with a full band, but if he chooses to move in a more restrained direction in the future, Solo Guitar is a strong start. 
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