Friday, April 29, 2022

New Single "I Can Do It" from Pop Artist Keeper E

Canadian bedroom pop artist Keeper E has released her newest single "I Can Do It" ahead of her EP thank u and please and don't go, out on May 6th. 

Keeper E has this to say about this particular song:
“this song expresses a deep frustration with the patriarchy. I believe that mansplaining is a way for men to hold power over women and non-binary people, by making things seem more complicated than they really are. By doing this, we can start to believe that certain things really would be hard to learn and hard to start doing, when in reality, men are just trying to hold onto their power (consciously or subconsciously) and convince themselves that they are smarter and more capable than women and non-binary people.

This song is about claiming our own power and acknowledging that we are human, and we make mistakes, and can’t do everything right, but we still deserve to be treated equally to men and not have things over-explained and dumbed down. This song is all about empowerment and equality.”

You can listen below, or on other streaming services:


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