Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Album Review: The Ramona Flowers - Gotta Get Home EP

The Ramona Flowers 
Gotta Get Home EP
**and1/2 out of *****

The poppy, electro dance rock delivered by the Bristol based quartet The Ramona Flowers is bringing new life into the band via their world tour and most recent EP Gotta Get Home.   

The group Steve Bird (vocals), Sam Dyson (guitar), Dave Betts (keyboards, guitar) and Ed Gallimore (drums) use bright, energetic sounds to get dancefloors crowded. Opening with the EP's title track, the disco loving tune pumps through speakers as the poppy dance song is awash in synths and riffs. 

The bands best effort is next as "Up All Night" takes a pounding drum, pianos and groove in Daft Punk like fashion. The track builds with rising synths, guest Nile Rogers guitar, horns and strings to finish on a big pomp note that works well for this effort. "California" is more dreamy with swirling vibrations and electro bass hits to keep the crowd going and going.
"I Dance Alone" uses twinkling sounds around thudding synth bass drops and dance laden drumming while Bird delivers his most ear worming lyrics and vocals. The EP wraps up with two alternate takes as "Up All Night (Acoustic)" isn't truly acoustic, as the band can't resist going big with synths in the chorus, however closer "California (Oliver Nelson Remix)" ups the ante on the original with bigger banging club beats and pumped up overall sounds that elevates the track winningly. 

Sparkling disco pop reigns supreme on The Ramon Flowers Gotta Get Home EP, as club based dance efforts and singalongs flow briskly.          
Support the band, buy/stream the EP and peep some video below:

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