Thursday, March 9, 2023

Album Review: Vidro - Gl​​​ö​​​d

***and1/2 out of *****

The Stockholm Sweden based punk outfit Vidro blast hard and direct with their second full length album Gl​​​ö​​​d. The quartet injects subtle changes into a straight ahead sound, delivering winning results. 

Kicking things off with the fast rocker "Stockholm Ekar" the group (Lucas Lima (guitar), Melody Almroth (bass), Vendela Engström vocals, Staffan Fagerberg (drums)) kick off with solid energy and a distorted sense of melody with a distinct groove behind all of the wailing. While the lyrics are sung in Swedish, the screams and angst are palpable as Engström squeals and yelps like many a punk before her.

A catchy groove pumps up "En Syster Mer" as Lima delivers buzz saw guitars with brutal effects while "Anti Allt" is a showcase for Fagerberg's slamming drums. The group moves into a bit more unique sections after those straight openers as "Vita Handen" deploys washes of white noise guitar, flirting with industrial tones, while "Dansa" takes on a Ministry industrial punk vibe directly.    

Some repetitiveness drags down "V​å​gornas Svall" as the pounding sounds just end up with a dulling effect, as does the stomping "Vem Bryr Sig", both tracks feel longer than their brief run times. Much better is the hardcore blast of "N​ä​stan Galen" which crushes with powerful riffs and rumbles. 

The catchy shout along ready "Digital K​ä​rlek" is a banging joy with scraping guitars and pummeling low end while album closer "Dö F​ö​r Ingenting" is an overdriven dynamo of guitar work from Lima as the layers of sound deliver migraine inducing noise to the ears in grand fashion.  

Their fierce sound wanders into many sub genres and elevates the music above standard punk albums. Vidro are onto something throughout Gl​​​ö​​​d with their revved up tempos, cutting guitars and pounding low end.  
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