Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Hippie Death Cult Release New Video/Single of Nirvana Cover "Aneurysm"

The Portland, OR based Hippie Death Cult have released a new video/single for the groups cover of Nirvana's "Aneurysm"

Regarding the song Hippie Death Cult guitarist Eddie Brnabic comments:
“Laura (vocals, bass) and I grew up listening to Nirvana a ton back in the 90’s and had recently enjoyed revisiting their catalog, which sparked a renewed appreciation for them and their ethics as a band. When tinkering with cover song ideas for our live set last year, the idea of doing “Aneurysm” came up. It felt fun to play, so we didn’t overthink it and started adding it to our live set over the past year. We had a blast playing it live, often inviting friends up to sing with us and it always went over well with the audience. Once we got home from touring at the beginning of the 2024, we headed right into the studio to track a version of it just for the hell of it while it was still kinda fresh in our minds. Right after that I had gone into the studio to produce the new Spirit Mother album, so we had Armand Lance (vocalist of Spirit Mother) track some backing vocals for it, as he had frequently jumped on stage with us to perform it live when we were on the road together in 2023. It was real fun to do, hopefully that comes across. We tracked a couple of other covers that we’d been playing recently along with it that will also likely come out at some point.”

Check out the video of the cover below:


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