Thursday, June 27, 2024

Album Review: Tozcos - Infernal

***and1/2 out of *****

On their debut, 2018's Sueños Deceptivos the Santa Ana, CA based quartet Tozcos delivered a vibrating blast of punk energy as their Latinx aggression resonated with their razor wire riffs. The outfit continue in those styles ways with no frills punk rock on their follow up Infernal.
The group wastes no time reminding of their strengths as the straight ahead punk rock with strong guitar/bass/drum/vocal attack works out the angst on opener "El Vacio". The drum breaks and killer groove highlight "Ven A Ver", the banging speeding hardcore of "¿Quién Te Va Enterrar?" flashes buzzsaw guitars and a great solo, while "Nadie Dice nada" is catchy skate rock/screechy punk.  

The group is mainly keeping things as expected with quicks blasts of aggression on both "Desilusión Total" and "Nunca Pasarán" while "Regeneración" uses a slower grinding tempo to deliver the hurt, kicking up for a mosh pit blazer during the breakdown. The vocals get a shout along on "Presos", "Siglo infernal" is more of the same strong straight ahead punk with a good guitar solo while "Víboras" uses ground pounding drums and almost melodic guitars but the screaming vocals keep things nice and raw. 

Tozcos aren't looking to reinvent anything here, but two efforts contain minor shifts that are noticeable. "Ojos Muertos" uses a cool bass groove and unique tempo changes to keep the listener guessing while closer "Abolición" is ominous with a slower style, containing more shifting tempos and dynamite riffs. 

Just like on their 2018 winning debut, Tozcos keeps the line moving with their angsty, driving punk rock throughout the strong Infernal
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