Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 New Glide Reviews - Color of Clouds and Untied States

Got 2 new reviews up on Glide today:
Color Of Clouds with Satellite of Love Read it c'here.
and Untied States with Instant Everything, Constant Nothing, check it c'here.  

This is a perfect example of why I love and continue to do this...if you had told me a Brooklyn female fronted trio with a "soft sound" and an art-metal/post-punk band would both send me things to review on the same day, I am sure 9.9 times out of 10 I would have gravitated towards the hard stuff...like my booze.  

HOWEVEA!!!  this was not the case, while both are solid releases, Color of Clouds had a greater positive effect on me personally, perhaps it was the day/week/moment, but I just thought it worked better as a full length, not to mean Instant Everything...was bad.  

They are completly different albums/groups and will probably never be linked again but fans of music can give them a listen, here is a bit of a sample of what each groups have to offer:
First up, Color of Clouds with "Haunts Me"
Now Untied States with "Not Fences Mere Masks":

Feel free to go see them live, buy their albums, listen, and judge for yerselves....

(Sorry this post had nothing to do with NOLA, but back on the Southbound train tomorrow with an exciting Interview.)

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