Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going beyond the music at Jazzfest

Sure the music kicks total arse in New Orleans especially at Jazz Fest time, but there is oooh so much more to this town... From the pirate ghosts that have haunted Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
 for centuries now, to the local artists and sculptors that fill the eyes with excellent images, yet there is also one MAJOR component that makes this town vital that I haven't hit on yet....The Food.
 I gotta give it up to my main amigo Jeff for really pushing this aspect on me during our Jazzfest trips.  On previous excursions to the city (mostly around Halloween) I was content to feast on huge Oysters, simple Po'Boys and the occasional Gator or Crawfish medley.  Jeff made it his mission to push me out of my comfort zone with food and for that, I thank him..
 We constantly are seeking out new joints amongst the endless array of local cuisine that is in this town.  We have a few fun spots that we always try to hit up when we are in town...

A lunch at Mothers is always desirable if the lines aren't too long.....

If we can grab reservations at Cochon (Jeff never fails...Boosh!) we will hit that Pork heaven up...and I don't even particularly like the swine, but this place makes me reconsider.

 I like nothing better then oysters, but in complete honesty, NOLA oysters are the least tasty (too big not enough bite) of the many that I have tried....but I will never turn them down...Raw:
 or Fried:
  Oh man, my mouth is watering putting this post together!!!  Anyway, it is not only the amazing resturants, which are too numerous to mention, but the food at the festival itself is unreal.  No $7 weak hot dogs, the fest brings in the local culture better then any other event I have been to.

Take a second to read this article from Ann Maloney, who recaps last years amazing food options (IGNORE the eating healthy video..that is for chumps!).  Follow her this year on twitter, or wait until post festival to see her opinions on this years crop.  Safe to say things will be tasty.
 Some offerings from last years Jazz fest
Dinner....and Desert.

I mean Crawfish Etouffee while watching Spoon?  Check.  Getting extra crawfish dumped in my empty sneaker during Trombone Shorty's set?  Been Done.  What a grand time to be hungry for life....And it is literally DAYS away...I can not wait.

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