Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Dead Weather and Record Store Day

The Dead Weather have a new album called Sea of Cowards coming out on May 11th, here is the first song released off of it titled "Die By the Drop":

From the titles of tracks and album it sounds like Jackie Boy had some aggression to work out on this one... pounding the drums should be good for that.

I have written about the Dead Weather before a few times, I love Jack and pretty much everything he has done in the last decade, and this seems to be more of the grungy-70's-dark-metal goodness that this particular group specializes in.  Dig the creepy video as well... 

And oh yes, I CAN NOT WAIT to see them on Sunday at Jazz Fest!!!!!!  (will be real weird to catch the leather rockers in the beautiful sun outside though, as this band is clearly a smokey dark dungeon type.)

Also along these lines, Jack and the crew started Third Man Records a while back which reminds me I wanted to take a moment to type about this Saturday, April 17th.  It is National Record Store Day, so go out and buy some Lp's Cd's and DVD's from your local mom and pop record shop. 
Not only will there be good deals on schwag there will be a butt load of in store performances, I may hit up Generation Records to catch some of Cymbals Eat Guitars in-store set, check the list to see whose playing by you. 
Every little bit helps...I will also be out look for some LP's to spin on the new turn table now residing in mi casa...KA-KOW!     

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