Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jazzfest Countdown Part 1

When the first of April rolls around it means only one thing in my's almost Jazz Fest time, and that ain't no foolin'.
 The Killer and Rebirth 
New Orleans has always had a special place in my heart ever since a friend and I randomly drove there when we graduated back in '01.  I've gone back almost every year since and found there are no other places it like it on earth.  Jazz Fest brings the best out of that town, other people can have Mardi Gras, Halloween is cool, but Jazz Fest is the perfectly spiced Gumbo.
Last years show was amazing, discovering Trombone Shorty for the first time.  Seeing Headliners Spoon and Wilco put on mammoth sets, plus the full on submersion into some of the best city culture on the planet.  Everywhere can be found great people if you try, but Great people seem to be everywhere in NOLA. From the music, to the attitude, to the food, to the weather, to the ghosts...that town is tough to beat.

I find it perfectly timed that HBO decided to do a new series, Treme, based on the City, right before the Festival, while I don't have the channel I will make sure to watch the episodes as soon as I can, here is a preview:

This year anticipation is running high and I am getting giddy just thinking about taking that looong taxi ride from the airport down to the quarter, I will be so amped I could probably run the distance in quicker time....Jazz Fest can't get here fast enough and over the next month I will be posting a variety of things NOLA related, so stay tuned....

NOLA T-Minus 28 Days.

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