Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glide Review: The Black Keys Brothers

Got another review (lots of them lately) over at Glide.

It is of the new Black Keys album Brothers.

Read it c'HERE!

The Akron, OH duo has put out a real winner with this one, and it is safe to say that this is my favorite album of the year so far, no jokin' hobo-ken.   We shall see if that stands during those cold nights of December but this disk is a peach.

In the past I have enjoyed The Black Keys, put I honestly never really loved them.  Their live shows were very underwhelming, and call me a sucker but I think good rock and roll and/or blues should have a bass contained in the fricassee.  I reviewed their newest DVD, and included Rubber Factory which I do think is a dope album in the top 30 in my decade review, but I think that Brothers is their crowning moment as a group so far, and that is really what they are here, a group, no longer a duo.  

The sounds contained on this disk make me want to buy the vinyl because it feels like a throw back soul record that contains a hard blues edge, a pinch of hip-hop beats and glimpse of a mash-up future that won't sound too overloaded.

The newly embraced keyboards and bass (as well as everything else) add extra dimensions to Auerbach and Carney's lock-step white boy blues grooves, softening the blow mostly and adding a feeling to the procedures.  In the past they would just blow through songs, now there seems to be more of a purpose.  Ok I spoke enough in this one...for now, here are some official videos from the band from this album....Go get it, you shan't be disappointed.  (Oh and these videos are pretty Boosh to'boot!)

Next Girl:

Tighten Up: I gotta find this on vinyl....

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