Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sazer-Wrap of Jazzfest 2010

Prescription?  Perfect!
Trying to do a "Sazer-Wrap" up of the Jazzfest trip is next to impossible, even as I started typing this I got the perma-grin back a'glowin'.  I will try to sum it up, but I can' truly explain the glory of it all; how can you not love a town that has a protest parade regarding the new Arizona Immigration law with a full band, dancers and drinks?! For those who were there, you know...for those who haven't been all I can say is...go.  I will focus on a couple of things, and leave the rest out there to myths and legends.  My first 2 hours in town basically sums up the Voodoo Magic:
After Checking in, and having a great meal at EAT we trounced over towards The Louisiana Music Factory to see Kermit Ruffins blow his horn.

(Here's Kermit from 09 in the same spot, I couldn't get a video this year)
A block away, we saw a Rolls Royce on Decatur and who is driving? Allen Toussaint.  You can't walk five blocks in this town without bumping into a legend!   Things only got better from there....Sazerac's, Highlife's, Jager, Whiskey, those were the drinks...but the food really fueled the fire.  Again most of the thanks for eats goes to Jeff, and he found some great ones this year:

Coops had the best Jambalaya I have ever eaten, the Rabbit and Sausage was amazing, and we had a nice fancy meal at Patois uptown which saw me munching on some tasty octopus.  Mother's had been skipped the last couple of trips down, but we hit it up and it remains the perfect lunch Po'boy spot...and I have to mention the Sweet Potato Pie is the finest I ever had, but I don't claim to be an expert on pies:
 After a long day at the fairgrounds we netted some fantastic Charbroiled Oysters over at Drago's that may just be the best way to eat NOLA Oysters (well second best...):
While I was at the fairgrounds we tried a bunch of different things...The Fried Green Tomato's were probablly the best but I was super suprised by how good my Veggie Ya-Key-Mein was:
Yeah I asked the same question "What the hell is that egg doing there?" I am not sure, all I can say is that it works and is a nice spiced up option.  While all of these meals were fantastic, they pale in comparison to one...when I am now asked the question about my favorite meal/food/dinner experience of my life I have an answer...The Oyster Bacon Sandwich at Cochon's:
 This was simply a food orgasm...everything was boosh...the bacon, the oysters, the spices, the bread...everything.  I won't even mention the great cucumber salad, the eggplant and shrimp side, the Moonshine, Bourbon or Hi-Life's.  Simply exquisite.  Every year this is a MUST.

Onto the music side of things and the hits just kept on coming...
On Wed afternoon, after Kermit, the fabulous Lu Brow from Swizzle Stick Bar
 directed us to Wednesday in the Square over in Lafayette Sq to catch Marcia Ball twinkle the ivories.
 That night we cruised over to The Spotted Cat catching RTBE Favorite The Loose Marbles:

Ben and crew were in top form all weekend.
After seeing a couple (who I envy and hope to emulate someday) playing spoons and clarinet on a blacony in the French quarter
 we caught the ripping Ryan Scully on Thursday night...but I am hopefully saving something special regarding that, so stay tuned...

At the fair grounds and the fest itself we had a blast (even if we skipped Sunday because of the rain) catching Rebirth Brass Band blow it out:
 and my personal surprise of the fest, Band of Horse's making Patrick Swayze jokes and nailing every tune they played...really a great set.  (Warning: the video was not me and gets a bit dizzy, but the sound is worth listening too)

We caught some side acts and a carousel that went 60 miles an hour while a french jazz band played in the center (Wild!) and we managed to catch the headliners Pearl Jam with about 200,000+ of our closets friends
 (I have never seen that many people at the fest before...The stage is all the way up on the left, PJ brought the crowd)
PJ seemed just as excited to be there as us...and they sped their way through their set.  It was an average effort, I have seen much better outings from the boys.  "Even Flow" in particular was played so fast that Eddie couldn't even mumble out the lyrics...whatever they are; as my friend Knapp said "WhyGoHome?!WhyGoHome!?GOHOME!!!!"

While the set was rushed the, energy was certainly there Here's a highlight (and a tune I don't think I have seen them do before) filmed off the jumbotron, "Tremor Christ":
and here's a new tune that's tough to rush (Neither video by me)

Even if the wind and weather threatened to blow/wash us least the rains held off until Sunday, then they fell with a vengeance. I am pissed I missed Trombone Shorty and The Dead Weather, but we will catch them in NYC (already got DW Tickets) so I am not too worried...and for the rest of the local bands...

THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!! (T-minus 11 and half months...I literally can. not. wait.  Extra special love to everyone I meet, hung out with, harassed and hugged down there Love you all)

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