Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Glide Review: Dr. Dog and Deer Tick Live @ Terminal 5

Got a new review posted on Glide

Dr. Dog and Deer Tick Live 5/15/10 @ Terminal 5

Read it C'Here!!!

Gotta say it was a hell of a show, both bands are excellent. Admittedly I was not completely up to date on Deer Tick who opened the show, but that is about to change as I got their excellent album Born on Flag Day the next afternoon...and can't wait for their new album...good stuff and totally worth grabbing.  The dresses and makeup made them seem a tad silly, but the songs were anything but.

I have seen Dr. Dog a ton, thanks to Eric from Glide (and the gang at Big Hassle PR) for sending me to that first show of theirs way back in Feb 06.  I have been impressed ever since, recommending them to every friend I can.  They are an excellent group, whose album Fate I loved and rated in my top 20 of the last decade...    I could go on and on..but Youtube has some great video from the I am going to post a bunch of those...Enjoy, and thanks to all the camera peeps none of who are professional, but all are enjoyable, for the sound alone.
My favorite song of the night "The Rabbit The Bat & The Reindeer"

A new one off of Shame Shame "Mirror, Mirror"

Great close up video of "Where'd All The Time Go" but sucks that is cut off:
 You can find the live version of this Architecture In Helsinki song from the show through related videos...but the sound kinda sucked and video was all over the place, so I am just posting their studio version...better then the original??!?  Discuss amongst yourself, thanks for reading:

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