Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recovery Mode

Well I am back from the greatest city not named New York and I am still mentally recovering from it, I will post a recap soon, but the good folks over at Hidden Track had some great posts I wanted to share with you.

First, the summer season is officially upon us now that Jazzfest is 360 some-odd days away (so sad!), but with the summer comes the announcements of free/benefit out door shows, Check out this link for the full run down of the two biggest outdoor spaces, but there are a bunch of highlights...Public Enemy for Free?!?!  Thank you very much.
Also some uber exciting news that PRIMUS is back together and will be playing on the waterfront in Brooklyn with Gogol Bordello, this is a show made in Booshness! Tickets go on-sale Friday, so scoop some.  Primus was the first band that really turned my ear onto good music back in 7th grade, right after I got over Poison...who am I kidding, I never got over Poison
And finally on a bit of the lighter side, Hidden Track also mentions a post on my favorite cartoon squid family...Squidbillies...Here is the great Billy Joe Shaver doing the intro to the funniest show I know:

and here are the creators chatting about the new season... And the AMAZING Unknown Hinson doing "Pregnant Again", his original tune about 7 minutes in, totally worth it...
I am sure I will doing a a few Adult Swim based posts now that Jazzfest 2010 is done and dusted...god what a great time, I will post about it soon.

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