Friday, October 1, 2010

Band of Horses Tosses Hat In Ring For Coolest Band Out There

So I am a little late with this one, but I just had to post the video, it really might be the raddest thing since Rad itself...

(Ok...stay focused...Jesus there is a lot of my favorite childhood movie on youtube, I will come back to this at some point I promise)

Band of Horses was already a pretty top notch group in my eyes.  They were my surprise MVP at Jazzfest, their last album has been listened to a lot this year, and Cease to Begin is pure Boosh (25 to be exact).  All that is well and crispy, but they got a whole heaping helping of "Aaaah Right On" with this trixy trick they pulled off for a lucky Norwegian couple. 

Straight from the Youtube description:
Njal proposed to Elin at the Band of Horses show in Oslo earlier this year. When the Bride and Groom heard that BoH was to play a festival in Tromso on the same day of their wedding, they contacted the band and told them their story. With all the coincidences surrounding the wedding, the band said, "What the hell" and decided to surprise the couple. The band showed up minutes after landing in Tromso to play Marry Song at their ceremony. BoH was honored to be a part of the couple's special day. Congratulations Njal and Elin!

That is pimp, here's the video to prove it.....

I can't wait...I have been planning on proposing at a Mephiskapheles show forever hopefully those cats can swing the same thing...wait...they broke up??  Well we will have to bring them back together now won't we...anywhichway Saba shall be rocked:

(if you only ever own 1 ska album in your life, please, make it this one. You can't be disappointed)

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