Friday, October 1, 2010

Glide Review - Laura Cortese Acoustic Project

Got a new review up on Glide. 

Read it right C'Here!!!

It is of Acoustic Project by Laura Cortese

This EP this a fine piece of acoustic fiddle work lead by Laura Cortese.  She has assembled a four-piece string group (consisting of all females) to help her out.  There are two other fiddles (Brittany Haas on 5-String and Hanneke Cassel) and a Cello (Natalie Haas). 

What I think worked best was the sampling of styles.  This isn't a classical, folk, pop, or celtic string album, but rather a combination of all of those.  Taking bits and pieces works better to show off their playing then focusing on one genre.  What I think could work even better would be fusing those styles into individual songs rather then playing one style on song then showing off another somewhere else, which is what really occurs here. 

I think when things are flushed out a bit more Miss Cortese could really catch on in the pop realm, and here is the most poppy tune from this album which is pretty damn catchy.  Nice work Laura:

If you are into acoustic tunes, especially fiddle playing give Acoustic Project a whirl.

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