Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Dead: 6-23-1974 Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FLA

Hey there, wanted to continue the Monday Dead theme, even if it is Tuesday. 

Spent this Columbus Day with friends living it up by taking my talents down to South Beach.  Had a hell of a good time and wanted to get some Miami love into the Dead Series here on RtBE. 
Today's show is 6-23-1974, listen to it via that link or stream it right c'here:

This is a monster of a show and a compelling listen whose quality can not be over stated.  A+ recording all around on this night and a perfect capture of the band in their "Wall Of Sound" hey day, and ranks as one of the crispest captures of the band from any era.  Just listen to Phil's perfect bass runs on the opener, "Ramble on Rose" and you will be hooked.  The vocal treatments are really top notch on all tunes as well.

My personal highlight from this one is magical, "Dark Star>Spanish Jam>U.S. Blues" segue that shows up towards the end of the show... and was included on the excellent So Many Roads Box Set
 (Here's just the "Spanish Jam")

but the group has one of their "On" nights here in Miami, even if their sound system was acting the fool all night.  Kinda neat to be the first ever Phil and Ned foray into "Seastones" which is notable if not all that enjoyable.  There is a rocking "Let It Grow" to end the first set and really beautiful melodic jam that opens set 2.  I have no idea where this Jam came from, but do yourself a favor and give it a whirl, it has a meandering quality that seems free and easy; a blissful listen that just melts into "Ship of Fools".     

This is a pretty popular Dead Show, and I don't have much time today to type, but gratefully a few other excellent blogs have posted this show and written about it, so enjoy the tunes and go here and here for some more background and pics.   

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