Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glide Review - No Age - Everything In Between

Hey there, I got a new review over on Glide

Read it right C'here!!!

It is of No Age's newest release Everything In Between

I confess that I had not heard No Age until now, I heard of them and they were every bloggers darling a few years ago, but I never got around to checking them out.  These things happen.

After listening to Everything In Between I will correct that error and go back to their first few releases.  These fellas got talent.

Admittedly their style is my cup of meat...injecting noise and dissonance into structured punk workouts.  Yeah that sounds like something I would like.  They have a touch of Sonic's too them which makes me happy, but they really are their own beast and a fine furry one at that.  Give some tunes a listen, I think you'll like it....

The first single, "Glitter" with a cool fan made video, can't get enough of this song:

 Their punkiest tune on the album, "Fever Dreaming"

Here's some cool live stuff from the duo:

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