Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Funday Again with Bowery Beef!!!

So my friend Mike is back in the news with the opening of his new restaurant Bowery Beef along with his partner Ray LeMoine on 1st and Bowery, so I wanted to hype him up some more.  There have been a couple of blog posts that have been very favorable to the place so far, so check out the Village Voice review here.
Check out Huffington Post here!

I am planning on grabbing a sandwich this weekend and will report back with the findings, probably next Friday, I did have drinks at the bar at the Poetry club last week though and I can assure you that the Brooklyn Brew was tasty.  Also had the pleasure of hanging out late night with famed beef slicer Patrick Sweetra last Friday and welcoming him to New York City BILLYMARKS WEST
Here is a tune to kick start the weekend for you from a band who became famous right across the street from the beef shop and is one of Mike's favorites...The Talking Heads.
Until next time....

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