Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Funday - Phish Shows, Guitar Players and LA Trip Video

So Andy Silver over at Hidden Track decided to go back through the last 25 years and the huge back catalog of Phish shows to deliver a list of 200 for the fans to argue over/sift through. 
You can see the full list here!
It was a task I was debating doing with the Dead last year, but it was just waaaay too daunting.  I haven't brought up Phish much at all on RTBE, but they were vital in shaping how I thought about music.  Honestly I know this was a tough task, but because there are so many included there is ZERO controversy.

This strikes me more as a list a new fan can use to sift through the styles of the band and find shows that really hit home, and for that it is very useful.  To start debate though it isn't all that effective.  Cut the list down to 50 or 25 and then the back and fourth would start.

What surprised me was just how many of these shows I caught.  My first show was on 10-22-96 at MSG and by that time Andy has (correctly) filled out more then half of his list.  Since that time though I managed to catch 25 shows that Andy selected and others that he obviously didn't.  If there is one arguing point here I think he included far too many 2010 shows.  Anyway, it was a fun reminder of the great live times and traveling experiences we had catching the band and makes me want to go back and check out a few oldies but goodies (I had forgotten about 12-11-99 and need to dig that disk out and give it a listen soon)

If you are looking for anything Phish...give the Spreadsheet a gander.

Trey is one of my favorite guitarists, but I finally put together a small video of our trip to the west coast to visit another one of my other favorites, Mike and catch some baseball...we did one of those things...and The Ramones were clearly the sound track of the trip...pardon the personal indulgence:
(you can hear the third in my top 3 guitar players, J Mascis, at the beginning of the video...weird!)

Enjoy your weekend.

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