Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Funday - Bowery Beef and Freegal Tunes

So last Friday I had the pleasure of checking out Mike and Ray's new venture Bowery Beef now that it is up and started slicing the meat.  I have talked about it a few times before, so I won't go over much except to, do the serve up a tasty sandwich!

The roast beef is skillfully sliced and I got everything on it... it is a touch messy, but for someone who rarely eats meat, I could not stop thinking about this savory combo of cheese sauce bun and roast beef all weekend.  I wanted to go back for more, it was really that good, and Mike is a big boy I would have told him if it was OK or good...this was Excellent!.  I am not sure what to compare it too, as my favorite foods have shells and are alive when I eat them, but there was some great flavor combination a'sparking in the old chomper as I bit in.   You may want to order two as you will be wanting another when you are done with the first.
Look they even brand their buns!
Classy Boy-o's! 
It was great to see the fellas kick it off and produce a high quality product and it was fun eating with them, even if we had to "shooosh" for the play going on in back, but without reservation I recommend you try one of these tasty concoctions. 

While being "shooshed", shouldn't happen on a Friday night, and it rarely happens in the library anymore, that will be my awkward transition to this weeks Freegal downloads from NYPL.  Again I have mentioned them in the past, but this is a great service and you should really check it out. Next Friday I will be posting all of the tracks I have downloaded (some I haven't told you about) so you can download them all together as my first Freegal Friday Shuffle.

This weeks downloads are from all over the map, I got one new jack as my favorite guitarist in LA has told me to check out Mumford and Sons, "Little Lion Man"

My sister has loved them for a while now, so I will give it a few whirls in the old ears as I haven't given them any time and those two are pretty good judges of taste...well sometimes.

Then I went to Machito and His Afro-Cuban Ochestra.  I picked for "Mambo Mucho Mambo" is "Ay Que Mate" to give you a taste of this fine fellow if you don't already know him...

Finally I grabbed from the immortal Sam Cooke a tune of his I don't know "I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More", can't wait to hear it.  Since it is almost the weekend, I will give you some joyful Cooke to help you kick off the party...

It IS almost Saturday Night, and I can't wait...will be party'in Nola Style with Galactic and Trombone Shorty, BOOSH!!!!  Enjoy y'all

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