Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whitman Poster and Interlude

Just had to give a quick shout out to my co-workers and friends Jenny and Lauren for giving me a nice new (well not new, but certainly nice) Walt Whitman poster for my day job work space:

Rock The Body Electric was founded on Whitman's spirit.  His grace, style and love of almost everything.  I haven't posted about him much, but this nifty new poster gave me an opportunity to, so thanks Ladies!

It comes from NYPL's exhibitions and programs that were offered to the public in 2005 which celebrated the 150th year of Leaves of Grass printing. There is a great online resource here to get etext of various published versions of Whitman's epic work, and you can always check out some materials regarding this seminal piece of American art from this fancy pants library.  So get your art on while you can, because who knows when The Man might take it all away?!? 

Some Leaves of Grass read by the excellent Tom O'Bedlam, Enjoy:

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