Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Album Review: Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls

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Got another review up on Glide.

Read it Right C'here!!!!

It is of the Alabama Shakes newest release Boys & Girls

It can be difficult reviewing an album on a release deadline...you have limited time, only get a few listens and need to spill out thoughts that anyone can go back to years from now and check out...sometimes first impressions are not always the right ones for a variety of reasons.  That is the case with this disk.

Upon first listen I found it simple, straight ahead and really boring.  When it came to review time, I went back and listened to it, again...and again...and again and the album continued to grow, expand and really impress.

Musically things are in the roots rock vein with blues/soul/rock as the base, but the vocals are what's getting this group noticed.  The first person vocally who I felt Brittany Howard sounded like is...of all people, Caleb Followill from the Kings of Leon, especially on the rock numbers.  I actually wrote that in the original review, but Editors over at Glide took it out...not sure why.  Not a put down to Howard, it was just the first voice I was reminded of not seeing her, just listening.

On the blues/soul songs there is more dynamic range to her vocals and depth shines through on tracks like "You Ain't Alone" and "Heartbreaker"

Anyway enough chatter...here are some video previews, try to catch them live and you can grab the album here.  

"You Ain't Alone" Live

"Rise To The Sun" Live

"On Your Way"

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