Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NYCTaper Updated Schedule and Some Great Free Downloads

The fantastic NYCTaper have just posted a schedule of upcoming live shows they plan on taping and then offering for the masses.
The website does a bang up job of capturing live shows in the area and are a great source for catching those shows you just can't make for one reason or another.  For example we will be in New Orleans soaking up the sun and Jazzfest and have to miss one of our all time favorites J Mascis playing with Murph from Dinosaur Jr. and the famous Mike Watt at Le Poisson RougeTHAT show is going to be amazing, so we are pumped nytaper is on the ball. 

A few months ago we highlighted a band we never heard of that nyctaper had captured.  We instantly started digging those guys, on the flip side of that, here are 3 shows that we are in some stage of downloading or listening to of groups we have recently focused on here at RtBE
 We reviewed the Alabama Shakes newest release a few weeks back, but couldn't catch them when they played Bowery Ballroom, nyctaper did, you can hear it right here.
Last summer we caught The Black Angels at the Southstreet Seaport and they put on a tripped out show...NYCTaper caught them at this years SXSW debuting a few new can hear it and dl'ed it here.
And Lee Ranaldo gives a double dip for the nyctaper crew.  We reviewed the album a few weeks ago and love the new tunes, can't wait to check them live.

Support all these great artists and this fantastic website.  Keep up the great work nyctaper!


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